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Muru Journal helps to make sense of your symptoms. It will be your best friend along the journey of figuring out whether histamine is responsible for your persistent symptoms.

During the elimination phase, your Muru Journal will encourage you to create a detailed log of the food and drink you are consuming, your general stress and activity levels and any other external factors that can trigger symptoms. Systematically tracking your daily activity can help you to determine whether a histamine intolerance is responsible for the way you are feeling.

Once you have completed the elimination phase you can start reintroducing high-histamine foods into your diet. During the reintroduction phase, Muru Journal will help you to determine your personal tolerance to high-histamine foods. Identifying your personal triggers will help you to shape your long-term diet and to make any necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and exercise regime according to your intolerances. Ultimately, Muru Journal will help you figure out how you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

Furthermore, you will find a detailed list of torelable and risky foods as well as helpful tips and tricks.

  • You will receive all content as print-at-home PDF files.

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  • You will receive all content as print-at-home PDF files.
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